Wednesday 25 April 2012

Redpene's Bucket list

Wednesday 25 April 2012
You know that horrible moment when you realise that you didn't save a post properly and its contents have completely disappeared. That's what happened with this post. Twice.

 The concept if a bucket list originally seemed kind of pointless to me - listing all of the things you want to do in you life. Surely you already know what these are and there's no need for a freaking list. However through the extremely slow weightloss experience I'm currently on, I've learned that writing things down actually helps to achieve and accomplish things. Here is my bucket list - everything I'd like to do before I die. These are not in an order of importance, just in the order that they came to mind:

  1. Eat a pain au chocolat in Paris
  2. Weight 58 kilos
  3. When I get to 58 kilos, have a boudoir photo shoot
  4. Get married
  5. Have a savings account with at least a five digit balance
  6. Sing a set with a dodgy cover band in a pub
  7. See the Northern Lights
  8. Travel through part of Italy on a Vesper
  9. Own my home
  10. Have an extensive wardrobe of Kitten D'amour clothes
  11. Cook with Rick Stein
  12. ... and Heston
  13. Open a tea and wine bar
  14. Own a convertible
  15. Peruvia!
  16. Machu Picu - hike up to it. Oh yeah.
  17. Publish a cook book
  18. Run the 10k Bridge to Brisbane
  19. Finish a qualification
  20. Travel through New Zealand again
  21. Get back to London and actually SEE the sights of London (Westminster Abbey and St Paul's, for example)
  22. visit Castle Neuschwanstein 
  23. Have a month long holiday in New York
  24. Collect ALL the LOTR Lego
  25. Inspire someone, somewhere to do something.

This is where I get a tad cheeky - if you know of anyone who can help with any of the above feel free to let them know they have an exciting and unique opportunity to help a not-so-little girl, once from Tasmania, make her dreams come true.

And now to go and study, so that I can at least cross number 19 off the list.

Post Script - what's on your bucket list? Do you have one? Comment below with your list or leave me a link. Thanks.

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