Sunday 10 November 2013


Sunday 10 November 2013
84 days

12 weeks

One commitment.

The 12 Week Body Transformation. I've signed up and it starts tomorrow!

I'm turning my back on the curse - I am not going to drop out after an injury.

I've committed to eating healthily.

I've committed to regular exercise.

I've committed to participating in a community with other people who, like me are using the next 12 weeks to make some life changes.

I'm a little scared I've set myself up to fail - but I have also set myself up to succeed.

Chances of success are already higher than my more recent attempts. Not only do I have a menu plan, We have a week's worth of food purchased, ready to go. There's fresh fruit, vegetables, lean meat, eggs, and dairy. My diary booked with appointments for exercising and I've marked the big events over the next 12 weeks - my birthday is at the end of week 11 and let's not talk about Christmas. But I'm not going to let any of them derail me.

After all, I've only got to do this 84 times. Thinking about the rest of my life, it's really not that much of a commitment.

But it's enough of a commitment that I can become the person I want to be.

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