Thursday 19 January 2012

Week 1 - The result

Thursday 19 January 2012
To be completely honest, my commitment to weightloss over the course of the week has been half-arsed. And I know there is no way I'm going to halve my arse if I continue in this arse-about manner.

Enough about arses (hehe butts).

The week in review
I didn't track my calories - the amount of exercise I did was significantly lower than expected, in part due to feeling a tad under the weather and in part due to the awful weather we had here in Brisbane. I convinced myself I couldn't ride a bike to work in the rain because I'm a novice bike rider and the rain increased the likelihood of my slipping and falling. There was a pizza (a 97% fat-free veg pizza) and a snickers bar.

The four input controls  I wrote about just two days ago went completely out the window following a poor night's sleep. I completely forgot about a 9am meeting until 4 minutes prior to the meeting, when I was in queue for a coffee and toast. Left the queue, dashed to the meeting which of course ran over time. My first meal of the day didn't happen until nearly 11 am, Water - I barely hit my 2L yesterday and dinner was an unhelpful (but not unhealthy) calorie-laden feast consisting of pork, apples cooked in cider and baked taters.

This being the case, I approached my weigh-in with a bit of trepidation - here I am, once again blogging about losing weight and not doing a good job of losing weight.

The result
1.4 kilos gone.
107.5 kgs

This has motivated me for the week ahead - I'm committing to extra exercise, tracking those calories and (perhaps most importantly)



Teagan said...

Losing weight is hard, it sometimes feels like a full time job. 1.4kg in a week is freaking amazing though. You should be proud.

Rambling Tart said...

WAY TO GO!!! That is definitely something to celebrate. :-) I've been ghastly at exercising and whatnot myself. But I'm OK with that right now. I'm getting my heart and spirit and mind healthy, and I'll get back on track with my body today. :-)