Thursday 26 January 2012

Weigh in - week 2

Thursday 26 January 2012
No surprises, I gained weight, but not nearly as much as I expected - 900 grams. So not all I lost in week 1.

Yesterday i tracked everything I've eaten. Today, not so much, but am taking more notice. It would seem white bread and nutella are the the two evils I have to combat. I may have to go as far as to banning both from my home until a few more kilos have been lost.

Today is Australia day, I am having a few drink, but am still tracking the calories. But apart from being australia day it is a very special occasion as I'm cooking dinner for two dear friends visiting from overseas. There is a lamb roast on the BBQ, I'm whipping up a couscous and roasted vege salad to go with it and dessert is an almost fat-free option of grilled pineapple with caramelised pineapple with grilled vanilla sorbet and rum sauce. So, not too bad.

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