Tuesday 7 February 2012


Tuesday 7 February 2012
I'm baking a chocolate stout cake while trying to write a blog on healthy living. Seems a bit of a contradiction, doesn't it. Especially when chocolate cake is one of those foods I find it almost impossible to resist - except for mud cake, but I digress.

Managing a healthy diet is hard. I've set myself a limit of 1200 net calories per day. This mean that without any exercise, basically lying in bed all day I can have 1200 calories. The more I move, the more I can eat. Sticking to 1200 calories is hard. I aim to eat 5 small meals per day. On a day with no exercise, this gives (on average) 3 main meals of 300 calories and two snacks of 150 calories.

Having religiously tracked for about 6 days now, I'm surprised at how much energy my body expends just to get around the place. Then again, I am a big ol' tub o' lard so I'm just using extra calories to get the fat from point A to point B. However, it is also ridiculously easy with a slice of cake, a can of soft drink, or a jar of nutella to easily consume way more calories than your body needs and end up at 109 kilos wondering if that svelte size 12 you used to be was just a dream. Oh sorry, that's just me.

When dieting it is ok to have the cake, or the bacon or the third vodka and tonic. It just needs to be balanced out appropriately. Cake will be on the menu for morning tea tomorrow, so I'll be adjusting my diet accordingly. If I've calculated correctly, a piece of cake will be somewhere around 400 calories. There's no way that I can stick to 800 for my other meals, so there will need to be more exercise during the day. The plan is to cycle home, but I might take a longer route to expend a little more energy.

A low calorie breakfast and dinner are already planned afternoon tea will be a tub of yoghurt and blueberries. That only leaves me with lunch to sort out, because there's no way I'm having another salad, so I'll have to think of something else.

Next blog post will be post weigh in. Has this week of increased exercise and food monitoring paid off? Or am I going to hop on the scales and see yet another gain? Fingers crossed it's the former and not the latter.

What strategies do you use to keep balance in your weight loss journey?

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Alison said...

I find by updating my food through the day I'm better able to make sure that I don't go over my allowance. Having said that I usually try to use it all so if I exercise longer then I can have chocolate. If I'm feeling like snacking because I'm bored I'm teaching myself to reach for the water or go make a peppermint tea.

Also some days I don't feel well so I don't hit the gym and I may eat badly but that it's just a day and that I can do better tomorrow. Letting go a little on a holiday coming up soon is going to be tough. May have to pack the food scales!