Friday 24 February 2012

Week six weigh in (belated)

Friday 24 February 2012
I've just spent the best part of the last two days in bed, hence the belated weigh-in post.
good news - I've dropped most of the weight I gained the previous week and am back at 107.5. Now to really focus on getting back under 107. That's my goal for the next two weeks.

I'm giving myself two weeks because after being sick the past couple of days, I suspect that the weight will climb up again this week. No exercise, overeating starchy carbs and sleeping will all lead to the lard piling back on. I am back in motivation mode though - the physio has said I can get back on the bikes (no running just yet) so I can at least get some cardio in and get that metabolism firing again.

The weekend ahead I have no social engagements planned that involve eating and/or drinking so I'm confident that with some planning (and a fridge full of healthy fruit and salad ingredients) I'll have some success this week. Maybe even time for some new recipe development!

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