Monday 27 February 2012

The Secret to Weight Loss

Monday 27 February 2012
Weight loss takes planning, dedication and a modicum of self-control.

However I learned something about myself over the weekend. In earlier posts, I've lamented how I have a habit of bingeing when I spend a weekend at home, resulting in horrific fat and calorie blowouts. Being sick and injured, you would probably expect that bingeing to intensify with additional comfort food and lack of exercise.

Surprisingly, this didn't happen. Here is the secret - find a hobby that keeps both your brain and hands occupied and not thinking about whether you're hungry.

I spent the weekend on a Lego project - Saturday was dedicated to sorting the pieces and Sunday starting the construction. It's a major project - there are over 4200 pieces in this to-scale model of the Tower Bridge. I spent approximately seven hours on construction yesterday and apart from deliberately stopping for lunch around 2pm, I didn't snack at all during that time.

Knitting is another hobby that works for me - I don't like getting crud all over my yarn, so I usually don't snack while I knit.

It's not like I starved myself either - I still ate my calories for the day, but in three meals rather than five - a breakfast of blueberry buttermilk pancakes, lunch was vegie sticks, hommus and cheese and dinner a delicious lean porterhouse steak (180g) sandwich. I even had a spoonful of a chocolate pudding and another of icecream after dinner.

And today - yes, I hopped on the scales - my weight was down far more than I would have hoped given my current circumstances. It's this kind of success that motivates me to keep going. I won't publish the result now, I'll wait til Thursday for that one.

So, I've got complex lego projects and knitting as my brain-engaged, hands-busy hobbies. What are yours?

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Annaluvsproduce said...

Hi Pene,

Love the new look blog - awesome! I totally agree with you about keeping occupied on weekends and knitting is a great way to do it in the cooler months. In summer I like to paint. I am really bad at it but I find it engrossing and before I know it the time has flown and I have not snacked. I also like to sew and make what I call 'quilts' but they are not nearly as posh as a real quilt - just an excuse to sew beautiful fabrics together and keep my hands busy. Keep up the good work, you are inspiring!