Friday 2 March 2012

Stumblin' all the way

Friday 2 March 2012
You may recall that in a previous posts I've mentioned that I sprained my ankle while away on community recovery. Turns out that wasn't true.

I've broken my heel - Bone bruising and microfractures. I'm stuck wearing a moon boot and on crutches for the next four weeks.

At this point I'm feeling frustrated, a bit lost and preparing to send out invites to my pity party.

My brain is filled with potentially self-sabotaging thoughts - "I'm going to be a lard-arse forever", "This always happens to me", "I shouldn't even bother trying" and my personal favourite "I'm hopeless"

This is where the year in therapy has paid off. I'm now able to pull myself away from these thoughts and not let them drag me down into a cycle of depression and misery. I have mental strength to realise that these thoughts are harmful that they're not true.

This was an unfortunate accident and yes, while I am somewhat accident prone this is not the end of the world. I know it's going to completely slow down my weight loss, but it's not going to ruin me. I have to be a lot more careful about what I eat because I can't really exercise off anything that's super-dooper calorie laden (let's not talk about last night's dinner out and the 27,000 calorie lava-cake I had for dessert). That being said, I'm not going to 'punish' myself by only eating salad and celery sticks as that will lead to me buying kilo boxes of Whitmans and scoffing them in 2 sittings.

Not only am I not allowed to do any real exercise right now, I'm not supposed to cook and I've been ordered to not drive for the next month. I'm incapacitated and a temporary invalid

On the upside, I'm going to have plenty of time to focus on my hobbies such as Lego and knitting and my study. Hands will need to be busy all the time to make sure I'm not comfort/boredom eating.

It totally sucks, it really really does, but I'm going to get through this (with more than a little help from my friends).


Annaluvsproduce said...

Great attitude to your injury. I broke my arm two years ago showing off to my kids on the monkey bars (turns out I am not Olympic material) and it did derail me for a while. I wallowed and ate bad stuff and indulged in self limiting thoughts until thankfully that got really boring! So, I took up painting (badly) and that helped me concentrate on something other than myself. Also had the added benefit of being able to torture my children by hanging my 'art' in their rooms. Heh heh heh!!

Happy knitting this weekend, what are you making?

Hang in there, Anna

Unknown said...

This weekend is dedicated to knitting hop-along helpers - armpit cushions to go over my crutches and a bag for carting things like water, snacks notebook etc in the office.