Tuesday 22 May 2012

Pain points

Tuesday 22 May 2012
Pain, or rather the avoidance of pain, has been the main reason my activity levels have been in the gutter for so long. At the moment, it seems like when I get one body issue sorted another surfaces (or resurfaces) to take its place.

My broken bones should now be sufficiently healed to cope with the impact of increased training and jogging and the end of this week marks the magical point when, from my GP's perspective, I'm allowed to start it up again. As I get closer to this date, the muscles around my Glutes and ITB have tightened up beyond belief. I have Physio appointments booked for later in the week, but I will be devastated if I'm told to hold off getting back into the heaving sweaty work I've been looking forward to for months.

I want to start running. My lovely trainer says I need to wait until I can do full long-stride lunges. I will wait, I will do the necessary exercises to get there, but right now the limitations of my body are frustrating me so my much. I don't want to be the fatty on the sidelines any more.

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