Wednesday 21 November 2012

A gourmet life

Wednesday 21 November 2012
Check out this breakfast - a sandwich thin, about 30g of chèvre with dill and 50g of smoked salmon, with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice. So filling and so very tasty and only around 275 calories.

A low-calorie menu doesn't have to be all about soggy celery sticks, tins of tuna and artificial sweetener. I'm going to look for more ways to incorporate the foods I love into a calorie controlled meal-plan.

Knowing I can have the occasional treat also helps. Tuesday's cake was consumed as I stuck to plan - cycled to work, had the pre-chosen salad for lunch and shared a sandwich for dinner. The cake, being guilt free, was all the tastier for it. Also, slices of cake have definitely become smaller (funny how the price has stayed the same) so a slice is worth less calories. Getting ripped off has never been so useful!

I also weighed myself this morning - 109.5 not any heavier, not any lighter. Let's see where I'm at in another week of this doing the good thing. There's a wedding to go to Friday night, so I'm been uber-strict for the rest of the week, apart from the actually reception. Who knows, I might even attempt to do some real exercise.

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