Tuesday 20 November 2012

Journey of 10,000 steps daily

Tuesday 20 November 2012
Exercise is kind of fun once started. It's the getting started part that is difficult.

This is why I have a PT session once a week, and try to have it on a monday afternoon. If I'm not injured or sick, and I've planned properly, that PT session has the potential to kickstart a good week of healthy eating and exercise.

When I remember what I could do before I injured my back in April 2012, I get a bit frustrated. I coud run 5ks in about 40 minutes, I could do proper pushups, tiger crawls and burpees. I was always the slowest, but I could keep up. I had the endurance at least.

Yesterday's PT session was fairly gentle, being the first one in a while. I was exhausted before I even began. It's quite humid here in Brisbane and the humidity saps my energy quickly. It's like walking through lukewarm soup. The first part of the session was boxing combined with walking and I could barely move. I had no strength, no speed and my walking pace was laughable.

A cool breeze picked up and with it my energy started to return. By the end of the session I had been taken through pushups, lunges, some weird rotating thingies I don't know the name of and ab work. For the record, my abs and thighs are killing me today.

It was also the first time in close to two weeks that I'd been in the kitchen. For someone who claims to love cooking and good food, I sure have been shirking responsibilities in that regard. I made a simple, super healthy roast chicken. So easy.

I cleaned and patted dry a free range chicken. Seriously, buy free range. The meat tastes so much better and you know the chook has had a happy life. Even Mr Redpene can taste the difference.

Once dry, I put a whole lemon into the cavity and seasoned the bird with some murray river salt flakes. Onto a roasting rack in a pan and cooked for 90 minutes at 180 degrees. While it cooks, the fat renders out of the chicken and drains into the pan. The lemon keeps the meat moist and tender and being elevated out of the pan, the skin becomes super crispy.

I served myself 1/2 chicken breast shredded with a gado gado. Gado gado is a hot and cold veg salad served with a peanut sauce. All up the meal was around 430 calories. Daily total: 1325. Not too bad.

Don't forget, if you want to see all my food activities for the day, you can add me on myfitnesspal.com

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