Tuesday 13 November 2012

Work/Life unbalanced

Tuesday 13 November 2012
My plan for yesterday:
- Go into work by 8:00am
- Leave work at 4:15pm and go to PT Session
- Cook a delicious healthy vege packed stir-fry for dinner.
- Have some pamper time, involving deforestation of legs and painting my fingernails a nice shade.

A babe-restoring plan, yes?

Here's the reality:
- Got into work early 8:00 am
- Left work at 11:45 PM.

11:45 PM. 23:45. A quarter to midnight.

Why? deadlines. A major milestone is now complete. There is no more work to do on it. Life can resume.

Dinner, which was sometime around 9pm was Eagle Boy's pizza. 4 slices. 2 veg, 2 chicken and bacon. Not exactly the healthy stirfry I was looking forward to cooking. My runners and knitting were left at my desk.

At least the boss said I could rock up whenever I liked.

My car is also in the city. It's going to cost a small fortune in parking fees and also I'll be losing my regular tuesday night walk across to knitting. Baah. The flow on effects just keep piling up and I'm feeling mildly ripped off. Tuesday, Tuescake, is the one day where I usually have a piece of cake, while hanging out with my knitting buddies. I'll be skipping the cake today as a result of not exercising yesterday and all the pizza last night.

Tuesday's revised plan:
- Get into work somewhere around 11.
- Leave work at 5pm at the latest
- Collect car and cry over car parking fees
- Go to Stitch n Bitch. NOT EAT CAKE
- Stick to my 1400 calorie daily limit.

I'm not going to let a stupid think like a ridiculously long day stop me from getting to goal this time.


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ysabet said...

It's dealing with the flowon that's hard.

I kinda know how you feel. I had a brilliant menu planned for this week, with timing that fit around what I was doing, and what steve was doing, and with my tired and stuff ... except I didn't take into account random stomach flu that knocked me out for 24hrs, and left me exhausted today.


But, well, the trick is to pick ourselves back up and keep soldiering on, I guess. *hugs*