Monday 12 November 2012

Babe Restoration Project Relaunch

Monday 12 November 2012
I've spent a bit of time looking over my old blogs - identifying what worked for me and what didn't. Of all the things, having daily and weekly plans that contribute to a longer term goal is what works.

With this in mind, I present to you the new improved Babe Restoration Project.

"What is the Babe Restoration Project?" you may ask. An excellent question.

This is MY (read MY) concept and approach getting fit, healthy well and learning to like myself again - inside and out. It is what works for me. I should probably trademark it, so I can sue the pants off of anyone else who tries to use it.

I want to shed the fat so I can fit into nice clothes. I want to be toned so I look good in said nice clothes and can wear heels again without having my back/hip/foot explode in showers of pain.

I want to be able to look in a full-length mirror while wearing jeans and a tee and not collapse into bed a of depression.

And to make this happen, I have a plan. One that is structured enought to create some routine and flexible enough to not fall apart when those unexpected events occur.

It means that exercise and diet come first. It means looking after my body and mind. It means making the tough decisions. It means getting a kick up the bum from you guys when I'm being slack.


A healthy eating plan. 5 Meals per day. majority of food to come from natural food sources - with high protein, moderate carbs and low fat. Mostly clean. ONE dirty meal per week.

Exercise. Fat burning excercise for at least 30 mins twice a week and strength/toning once a week.

Weekly planning. Take an hour once a week to schedule in exercise activities, sort meal plans, order food etc.

Keep myself nice. Shave my legs. Do my makeup properly. Wear perfume. A little bit of effort does actually go a long way.

Record everything - warts and all. Not that I have any warts, but you know what I mean.

Set Realistic Goals - no point trying to lose 12 kilos in 2 weeks when I know I can't do that. Accept this will be a long and painful process. We all know I gain weight very quickly and lose it very slowly, but I can shed the fat ifI maintain the effot.

Have some down time - game! knit! drink the odd espresso martini and hug my loved ones.

What do you think??


Snoskred said...

Sounds like a great plan.

I think blogging it helps, at least for me it does. It helps to keep me honest with myself and anyone reading.

Whatever happens, I'm here reading. ;) Hope thats ok!

Unknown said...

Thank you for reading :D

Got a link to your blog?


Snoskred said...

Surely - :)