Monday 3 December 2012

Torrential Pain

Monday 3 December 2012
Warning - this may be a TMI post for anyone who is squeamish about mechanics of womens' bodies.

I thought the challenge curse had struck again. The last two times I participated in some kind of exercise/fitness challenge, I ended up with a permanently damaged back and a broken bone in my foot/ankle.

Saturday morning, Day 1 of the Walking to Mordor Challenge (see previous post for more info), my treacherous back went Kapow and sent bolts of pain through my lower back and along my sciatic nerve down into my hip, knee and leg. Naturally, I was freaked out by this and panicking that things were going awry yet again. Last thing I need, as I start a physical challenge is for my back to go on strike yet again.

It turned out the back pain was related to ToM. ToM/Aunt Flo arrived is a blaze of anger and brought in the wrecking crew. It's been horrible. I don't recall ever being in as much agony from "lady stuff" as I was on Sunday and Monday. This is proof that not all things that are natural are good. I spent most of yesterday curled up on my bed with a heat wheat that was moved from my belly to my back to ease the most sore spots.

I didn't have the energy to care about what I ate - I stereotypically craved chocolate. My lovely man obliged and chocolate was provided.

However, I did manage to push myself into some walking on the treadmill in my apartment complex's mini-gym. It was very, very slow going. I walked for as long as I could before my body couldn't take it any more. Sunday, I managed about 2 kms in 30 mins. Yesterday, having postponed PT again, I managed to get 3.5 kms on the treadmill before my stupid body started protesting. After a whole day in bed, I needed to do something.

The back pain has now all but gone, the cramps still persist but the severity has reduced and my desire to eat more healthily has returned.

Let's see what today can throw at me. Bring it.

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