Thursday 3 January 2013

Happy New Work Year

Thursday 3 January 2013
Today is my first day back at work for 2013. Coincidentally, it's Mr Redpene's last day in his current job. I'm definitely not ready to be back in the office. While it was nice to see some of my colleagues - a lot are still on leave - I'd much rather be at home squeezing in as much extra time with the Mr.

The last couple of days have seen me making a move back into the kitchen - not always successful, but am definitely thinking more about what I eat. I've just learned/relearned I have a tendency to binge in the evening if I haven't eaten enough protein through the day.

It's really interesting the way bodies react to the different primary food types - fat, protein and carbs. I'm sure I've mentioned this before, there are people who can eat a bowl of cereal for breakfast and that will do them to morning tea or lunch. If I have a bowl of cereal I am STARVING again within the hour. The one exception is rolled oats - possibly because oats have a higher protein content than other options. This morning's ham cheese and tomato toastie on wholemeal, no butter was a filling meal and should keep me going through until lunch time.

Yesterday's sever of baked beans with an egg (no toast) was very filling and lower calorie than I'd expected. There are so many different and quick options available. As I experiment more, I'll write a blog post on some of the different breakfasts I've been experimenting with.

There was a slight disaster last night - I'd planned to cook a healthy chicken and veg stir-fry. The chicken had gone bad leaving me with nothing to cook. I had a bag of chicken dim sims in the freezer- steamed those, ate a couple and finished off with a cheese and tomato wrap. Not as many vegies as I would have liked, but not too heave on the calories either.

Getting there slowly.

I've started the working year on the right foot by walking from home to work. 4ks done and a free commute. Will walk home again this afternoon. An 8km round trip will hopefully keep the metabolism ticking over.

Wonder if I've lost any weight yet? Dying to get back on the scales, but am trying to limit self to once every 3 days. So that's tomorrow.

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Snoskred said...

I gave up on the scales a while back but I did something even more scary.

I photographed myself in just my underwear's right after the new year. EEK!

It was somewhat terrifying but not as bad as I expected.

My other half is the chicken cutter upper in this house. But he only likes to do it once every couple of months or so. I buy up a couple or three of bulk packs of chicken. He cuts them up into chicken steaks, chicken pieces for stir frys and honey and mustard chicken, and then he foodsaves them and I freeze the chicken.

We do have a small 140l upright freezer and it is full of meats - mostly bacon and chicken. This way I always have chicken available and when we start to run low, I tell the other half he has a chicken cutting up day coming up.

I don't freeze a lot of red meat because the honey likes to pick that out when we grocery shop and he buys the long life meats which have a good couple of weeks before the use by date on them.

Beans are an awesome filling and tasty option that most of us do not turn to often enough. I like to make a simple bean salad which involves opening cans and rinsing off the beans.

I use Praise full fat balsamic dressing for pretty much everything (piffle to no fat!) once I have rinsed off the beans I can make little serves of this in tupperware like containers. I sometimes add a little red onion or chopped up avocado.

Looks like you are having a happy new year. :) Looking forward to the breakfast post! :)