Friday 4 January 2013

Oh, nuts (Part 1)

Friday 4 January 2013
Did you know Macadamia nuts have approx 180 calories per 25 gram serve?

I possibly knew this once, but had forgotten. Macadamias are one of my favourite nuts, but I really have to stop buying them. There are one of the foods that taste great but do not sate me. I will keep eating them til I explode, or they are all gone and I keep looking for more.

Shopping at lunch time yesterday (hungry), I decided a bag of nuts was a good idea. I have small zip loc bags at my desk for bagging them into portion controlled serves. Once the packet was opened though, I started picking at them while I bagged them up. 125 grams and 900 calories later, the damage was done.

How many mistakes do I have to make and remake before I learn?

On the plus side, I actually walked to and from work yesterday - 8 kms in total.

And I weighed myself. 110 kilos even. Down 400g in three days. That's on top of all the nuts and pasta for dinner.

My feet are kind of sore today.


ysabet said...

Nuts (of all varieties) can be dangerous that way. It's just one, and then one more, and then the packet is empty and you're all 'oops, not again'.

Similar things used to happen to cheese around me, too.

I've found the easiest way to both have portion-controlled snacks on hand and not accidentally consume a day's worth of calories while portioning is to do it immediately after a meal, when I'm not hungry. And then put it all away so I'm not looking at it.

Also, I buy small packets (~150g) to start with, so that even if I go 'fuck it, I'm just eating the packet, snacks for the week can go hang', the maximum diet derail is kept to a minimum.

We will not talk about the way those 500g jars of nuts can mysteriously vanish.

Nuts are a fantastic source of healthy fats, nutrients, and protein - but they're very low volume nutrition, and as such, can be consumed in large amounts with relative ease. This is largely due to appetite and satiation being volume-based rather than nutrient-based in most standard modern diets. Personally, I find that after a while on a paleo-style, low carb, high everything else diet, nuts in general are quite satiating, despite their low volume - but this shift does take at least two to three weeks.

There's a good book I tend to use as a guideline - "It Starts With Food". It contains a lot of information about how appetite and satiation work in most humans, and I'd recommend it to anyone who has issues with controlling their intake. It also goes into some detail about how certain foods screw around with our emotions, and why this can make them hard to resist. You might find it a good read. It has been immensely helpful to me in understanding my responses to certain foods.

Anyway. *hugs* Chat to me anytime our personal timezones line up :)

Unknown said...

Yes chatting more is a must.

Thank you for the book recommendation - I'll be hunting down a copy.