Wednesday 16 January 2013

Mini Goal Reached

Wednesday 16 January 2013
On 1 January I set my first mini-goal to lose that .5 kilo and weigh less than 110 kilos.

This morning, 16 days later, I reached that goal. 1% of the overall final target now achieved. 99% to go.

To be honest, I'm quite surprised. I've been wallowing in sadness since Mr Redpene left and not really paying that much attention to what goes in my mouth. I've also had some body pain limiting the exercise I can do - my ankle & foot ligaments are angry and my shoulder is so unbelievably tight.

What little spare time I have is currently spent sorting & packing. Sorting things to send to the Mr in Melbourne and what I will keep to use over the next six months.

I haven't cooked a proper meal since he left - it's been a mix of eating out, nuked meals and take-away. I don't have the mental capacity to deal with menu planning etc. So I've made a decision to cut it out of the equation and order lite n easy again. Once I'm moved into my new apartment, I'll hopefully be able to get back into cooking properly again.

The new goal is to get rid of the next kilo - 108.9. I know there is no time this week for additional exercise, so fingers crossed the packing and sorting burns more calories than I give it credit for. To borrow and abuse a fabulous quote, I can't lose 50 kilos, maybe I can lose 1 kilo 50 times.

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