Monday 2 September 2013

Melbourne - settling in

Monday 2 September 2013
Five weeks I've been a resident of Melbourne. I've been in an odd head state - moving between excitement, depression and happiness

Excited to be now living in what I think is the best city in Australia.

Depressed because I miss my friends dreadfully (although Google hangouts are helping to take away some of that pain)

Happy that I'm now back living with Mr Redpen and that I'm developing a couple of friendships here.

My days have been filled with unpacking, tidying and pretending to be Miss Domestic Goddess 2013. I haven't really started doing any of the things I'd envisaged myself doing once I was here - shopping at the QV markets, hitting the gym on a daily basis, eating well and getting self into shape.

Admittedly, my response to the colder weather didn't help; while it wasn't as bad as I expected, it still triggered some deep seated hibernation response which made me want to just curl up and do next to nothing. Waste time playing stupid ipad games when I could be doing so many other things. I despise myself ever so slightly for losing so many hours that way.

I haven't adventured much. I've been staying close to home, in part due to wanting to get the house 'finished' before I start playing tourist in my new home city, but also the whole not working and living on half pay is making me hoard my cash like some kind of digital dragon. I've never been one for not spending so this is a new and difficult experience.

My writing feels so rusty. My thoughts are scattered, like pollen in the early spring breezes. Trying to collect them is difficult. Can I even do this any more? Is it worth my time trying to write this? Is it worth your time trying to read it?

ANYWAY, history has shown me that regular blogging is my key motivator for pursuing a healthy diet and active lifestyle. So here I am, back at the keyboard, hoping that this time I can do it.

The Babe Restoration Project is operational once again.

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