Wednesday 16 October 2013

Quick update

Wednesday 16 October 2013
Results confirm lump on leg is a tumour - but it's benign. Ugly and nothing to worry about.


Since I last wrote, I've been trying to pretend I'm not in as much pain as I find myself in. Driving for many hours to spend a wonderful weekend with Mr Pen's parents screwed my body up. Which kind of sucks, but if I want to go and see any of the lovely countryside I now find myself in, this is the price I pay. I'm off to have a massage and hopefully an elbow in my butt (cheek) will fix me up ready to take another visit to the gym. In future, I'll book massage/physio/osteo appointments to attend as soon as I'm back, rather than waiting a week and a half and making no progress on my big goals.

Best get moving - the massage awaits.

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