Friday 4 October 2013

Hello exasperation

Friday 4 October 2013
Yesterday, I took a little visit to the doctor concerned about a discoloured lump on my left shin. It first appeared three years ago. A couple of nights ago, when I shaved my legs for the first time in months I noticed that it has increased in size, it's darker and is now irregularly shaped. All the signs that something could possibly be not quite right.

After Tuesday's success with planning for the gym, I followed suit - this time I wore my gym clothes to the doctor. No excuses. However, the doctor agreed with me about the lump on my shin and decided we needed to find out what's going on. A 5x2 mm piece removed for a biopsy and two stitches later, I'm out the door.

No strenuous exercise until the stitches are out in about 9 days time because there's not much tissue/muscles etc under the spot where the biopsy was removed.  On the plus side, the osteopath has cleared me to start ramping up the intensity -- slowly. In 9 days from now I'll go back to the gym.

Hello exasperation.

PSA: Summer is on its way. Remember to keep yourself well protected from the Sun's nasty rays. Slip, slop, slap, wrap and have your skin checked by a GP if you've ever been out of doors unprotected


ysabet said...

Having recently gone through the whole rigmarole for having suspected skin abnormalities ... frustrating, for sure. But so much better than ignoring it. Just in case.

Wait Until The Sunset said...

Bummer! But at least you got it all looked at and taken care of. When do the results come back?

I'm in desperate need of getting a few moles looked at. I've heard dodgy things about mole-scan though. I'm hunting for a good skin doctor now! xx

Unknown said...

The results are back on Tuesday.

I haven't been to mole scan, but I heard mixed reviews.

You can get your GP to check moles for you (which is what I did yesterday), or you can visit a clinic. In Brisbane, I went to the skin cancer clinic at South Brisbane and always had good experiences.

Otherwise, you can get a referral to a dermatologist. Ask around for a good one. But I recommend getting them checked early and often.