Thursday 9 February 2012

Weigh in - week 4

Thursday 9 February 2012
Finally! Some progress. Proof that extra activity and monitoring intake pays off
107.1 - A 2.3 kilo loss.

I'm stoked.

Tomorrow, I'm being sent to St George tomorrow for Community Recovery - helping people sort out what kind of financial assistance the Department I work for can offer and help the link with other services such as Centrelink, Lifeline the Salvos etc. I'm determined to keep going, the fitbit has been charged up for a week away, I'll be taking some healthy snacks with me and hoping to keep myself away from comfort eating when I'm missing the D-man by reading and knitting.

I'm not sure what 3G/phone connectivity will be like out there so it's unlikely I'll post another blog until after I'm home and rested.


Alison said...

That's a great loss and you deserve to feel stoked with all the extra effort you've been going to. Save travels to St George, you'll be missed here in Brisbane.

Craig Askings said...

Congrats on the loss. I hope you can keep the exercise levels up while you are out at St George.