Wednesday 26 September 2012

Motivation Madness

Wednesday 26 September 2012
I started writing this post while waiting for my personal trainer to arrive. There is only one way to describe my feelings right now:
 motivated, enthusiastic and dedicated 

It's the new project mania, I've 'started again'. I'm going to do this and be FAB-YOU-LESS!

Admittedly, it's easier to feel this way when I'm not in pain and ready for action.

The trick now is to stay focussed. Not on the end goal, but on getting through each meal. One meal at a time.

Someone on my twitter feed (and I don't recall who, sorry) said something along the lines of 'diet/weight loss blogs' that are about what I ate and how much I exercised are boring'.

... I don't want to be boring. 

So I started a tumblr where I'm sticking photographs of the foodstuffs and drinks going into my pie hole.

So if you're really interested in what I'm eating, either follow me at (I'm redpene

I was meaning to write more but was distracted last night and am now swamped with work.



Teagan said...

Can I also suggest following "fitblrs" basically diet/weight loss tumblrs. They played a massive part in keeping me motivated when I was on my journey. is a good one to get you started. It's also good for on-going support with like minded people.

One word of advice however - don't get stuck in the comparison trap. Don't feel bad because someone eats better than you or exercises more. Your body works on your own timeline.

If you need anymore recommendations on who to follow let me know and I'll find some good one.

Getting motivated is easy, staying motivated is the hard part.

Unknown said...

Thanks Teags. I will definitely look into some.