Sunday 7 October 2012

And the bravery award goes to ...

Sunday 7 October 2012
I finally grew a pair and got back on the scales.


Exactly back to where I started.

Le frickin sigh

I am going to shed this fat. Just focusing on getting under 109. 1 kilo at a time

Frustratingly, I came down with a cold last night. While I was at the pub, sipping away on my lemon-lime-and-bitters-with-soda-instead-of-lemonade, feeling a bit tired and bam! Cold. In my weary state I totally forgot about hygiene (mildly mortified this morning) and have probably shared my plague with all and sundry.

I swear I must have some kind of healthy commitment curse - when I make a commitment to getting fit and healthy something seems to stop me from giving it my all. Illness or injury.

There were plans to cycle to work (yes, working on a Sunday -- deadlines) but now I'm saving all of my dwindling energy supplies to power the brain. I'm craving the worst kind of comfort foods - pasta, cake - squishy fatty carbs. But at the same time, I have no appetite.

Fingers crossed I can get through this without too much damage.

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