Monday 8 October 2012

Cold Comfort

Monday 8 October 2012
Yesterday's finger crossing for getting over my cold without a fatwreck were thwarted before I even made it into the office. Shopping for food to get through the day, the insidious thoughts of 'you're sick; you deserve some comfort treats, especially when you're working on a Sunday'.'

Of course there are literally thousands (even hundreds of thousands) of people who work on Sundays. Hospitality types, retailers and let's not forget our underpaid and insufficiently supported emergency and health care workers. But for those of us with our 9-5 jobs, the weekends are sacred. 5 days on, two days off. The thought of working a Sunday is almost blasphemous. Breaking the sabbath.

With this mantra ticking through my skull, I entered the supermarket. Things started off well, a juice for the cold busting vitamins, yoghurt for the creamy soothing of a dry sore throat, sugar free V for a much needed caffeine boost. As I wandered towards the fresh produce I was overcome by temptation. Fresh mini donuts. Sure I'll have one and take the rest of the packet home to Mr Redpene. Then a pack of pods ended up being bought (I'm sick, afterall).

Before I'd even finished booting up my computer all six mini donuts had been scoffed and I didn't even notice until I found myself licking the remnants of the sugary coating off of my finders and throwing the packet in the bin. The pods were opened shortly thereafter and I continued to steadily eat them until the packet was gone (washed down with the juice and then the V). Less than an hour in the office and over 1300 calories consumed. My current daily allowance is around 1400.

I was binge feeding. To partially numb the stress of work and to distract myself from feeling poorly

After about 5 hours of continual work, exhausted, I dragged myself home. Dinner wasn't much better. Being too tired to cook, I grabbed chicken wings in a honey soy marinade along with a ready made potato salad. Ate half of each.

I am disappointed in myself. The only saving grace was that it didn't register on the scales this morning.

Today is a better day and I am confident that it will not see a repeat of yesterday's horrors.

Even if I did have an Easy Mac for lunch.

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