Thursday 6 December 2012

Soreness versus Pain

Thursday 6 December 2012
Thank you to everyone who commented on yesterday's post. I really appreciate the support and suggestions. xx

Being sore and being in pain are two very separate things for me. Soreness is a good thing - it's the pain that comes from exercise. Pain is well, the pain that comes from things going awry.

Yesterday the most active I have been this year, possibly longer. A gentle walk into work (4kms), PT session (including the 1.6k walk there) and the 3.5 k walk home. I am sore. Sore abs, sore legs, and sore, sore feet.

The Walking to Mordor challenge is really motivating me to up the activity.

So far, I've contributed 19.1 kms. The first day, December 1, I used my fitbit steps. The following day I decided I didn't want to do that. The purpose of the challenge, for me, is to increase my activity. I'm now only logging specific walking journeys that are outside the normal daily steps I would do. Even without day 1's steps (which were approximately 4.5 kms) - that's almost 15 ks of extra walking I've achieved in 4 days. As a whole, the group has logged around 35 kms, so we have a ways to go.

Eating is improving, but needs more work. I still have to work on further cutting back on the carbs and eating less chocolate but I'm currently not wanting to gorge on it every day after lunch.

I have a surprise coming up for you all soon too!

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ysabet said...

I hear you on the soreness vs pain thing. I'm usually in pain, which tends to mean I'm loathe to risk being sore, because they are both incredibly tiring. Sometimes I'm in pain from not moving, though, which makes things a touch challenging ...